Periodontics in Ewell

Get advanced treatment to restore the health of your gums through a wide array of specialised procedures.

What is Periodontics?

In dentistry, periodontics is a specialisation for treating patients with gum disease (or periodontal disease). The condition is caused by plaque or sticky bacteria that covers the teeth. When plaque builds up, it can lead to gingivitis or the early stage of gum disease. In the advanced stage, known as periodontitis, noticeable symptoms may include: pain, bad breath or taste, receding gums, and loose teeth. Take care of your teeth and gums by going to regular dental appointments to prevent periodontal disease. Your dentist can detect or manage issues early at your check-up and suggest the best treatment plan.

Understanding Gum Disease


Gum disease is when the tissues around your teeth become infected, resulting in poor oral hygiene. The build-up of bacteria and plaque around the teeth causes inflammation. Gingivitis, or mild gum disease, is very common. If left untreated, the disease may progress to a severe stage called periodontitis, where the tissues become damaged, and bone loss occurs around the teeth.

Common signs and symptoms include:

The risk of getting periodontitis increases by factors like smoking, hormone changes in women, diabetes, cancer and saliva-reducing medications. Over time, teeth may become loose, fall out, or need extracting. Periodontitis can also lead to other serious health issues like heart disease, respiratory problems, and strokes. Detection at an early stage is vital for your gums’ long-term health and to prevent periodontitis and other complications from forming.

Periodontal Treatment Planning

Our team at The Parade Dental Practice aims to provide the best treatment possible for your oral health needs. We work with patients from the assessment to the planning stage to ensure they have the resources, understanding, and knowledge for the most effective periodontal treatment. We’ll also consider your comfort levels and treatment preferences.

Common periodontal treatments include:

Many treatments and techniques are available to improve gum health and preserve your teeth and smile. The four main areas we look at when resolving periodontal issues are:

  1. Reducing or eliminating pockets in the gums
  2. Reattaching gums around the tooth or implant
  3. Gum aesthetics like gum grafting or reshaping
  4. Improving bone levels with augmentation, grafting, or laser regeneration

Ready to Schedule a Consultation?

The staff at our Ewell dental practice is here if you would like to learn more about periodontal treatments or how we can work together to improve your gum health. Reach out to book an appointment that works with your schedule.

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Dr Hennie van Jaarsveld


Meet the Dentist

Dr Hennie van Jaarsveld is a periodontist specialist at The Parade Dental Practice with years of experience diagnosing and treating gum diseases. He qualified with honours as a Periodontics and Oral Medicine specialist at the University of Pretoria in June 1985.

Since qualifying, Hennie has lectured at Pretoria University and worked in private practice for over 20 years. Hennie is also an expert in implantology with decades of experience in the following systems: Southern, Branemark, Nobel Biocare, Ankylos, 3i, Innova, Strauman, Zimmer, and Sendax implants.

He is also a member of the American Academy of Periodontology and is registered as a Specialist Periodontist with the General Dental Council in the UK. Whether your gums are in the early or advanced stages of periodontal disease, you’ll be in good hands with Hennie and our dental team.

Tips to Prevent Gum Disease at Home

Good oral health starts with keeping up an oral hygiene routine at home. To avoid the risk of gum disease and seeing a periodontist, follow these steps: