Cosmetic Bonding in Ewell

Repair minor imperfections in your teeth with cosmetic bonding treatments for a healthier smile.

An Optimal Solution to Restore Damaged Teeth

As we age, teeth are more likely to have minor damage from everyday wear and tear. A chipped tooth may look unpleasant and decrease confidence, but the size of the damage also affects the tooth’s overall health.

Cosmetic bonding can repair discolourations, chips, cracks, or gaps in the teeth. If left untreated, chipped or damaged teeth lead to jaw issues, headaches, or other infections. In severe cases, removing the entire tooth crown may be required to treat a damaged tooth (known as root canal treatment). Our dental team is happy to meet for a consultation to help determine if cosmetic bonding is the right solution for you.

What is Cosmetic Dental Bonding?

Cosmetic tooth bonding is a simple treatment to improve many dental issues and enhance the overall look of your teeth. The procedure uses a strong composite material that comes in various shades. Our dentists will match the composite colour to your original tooth, so it blends seamlessly and appears natural. Cosmetic bonding is a versatile treatment option for correcting discoloured teeth, reshaping teeth, repairing small chips, or closing larger gaps.

Many patients opt for cosmetic dental bonding since it’s a quick solution for treating minor dental concerns. The results are generally more cost-effective and involve no injections. Unlike dental veneers, cosmetic bonding does not require the removal of your natural tooth structure, making the process effortless, comfortable, and more affordable.

To see if cosmetic bonding is best for your dental needs, reach out to our team and let’s talk about your treatment options.

What to Expect During Cosmetic Bonding Treatment

Cosmetic dental bonding is a non-surgical treatment with little to no preparation on your natural teeth. Before the treatment begins, our team will note the colour of your existing teeth. A cosmetic shading chart with around 26 different tooth shades is used to colour-match the bonding material to your natural teeth. The next step is to gently clean and roughen (or etch) the tooth surface. Tooth etching prepares the tooth’s surface for better adhesion when the cosmetic bonding material is applied.

Once the tooth surface is ready, we apply a small amount of bonding material to your tooth in layers. Ultraviolet light cures or hardens the material between each thin layer. The bonding and curing process is repeated until the tooth is rebuilt to its original height and shape. Your newly restored tooth is then polished and refined to look and feel natural.

Advantages of Cosmetic Bonding

Transform your smile and improve the appearance of your teeth with a simple procedure that covers many dental concerns.

The main benefits of cosmetic bonding treatment are:

Cosmetic bonding is best for patients who want to treat minor issues and damages (as long as your teeth and gums are healthy – with little to no decay). Not sure about your options? Our team will work with you to find the ideal solution for your oral healthcare.

Ask Us About Cosmetic Dental Bonding

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Caring for Teeth After Cosmetic Bonding

Our natural tooth enamel will always be the strongest; however, our composite bonding material is durable and long-lasting. After your cosmetic bonding treatment, it’s important to maintain good oral health habits to ensure the results last as long as possible.

Here are a few tips to prolong the results: