Children's Dentistry in Ewell

Healthy teeth and good hygiene habits start early. Let our friendly team guide your little ones at the beginning and throughout their oral health journey.

The Importance of Caring for Children’s Teeth

The road can feel neverending to maintain a healthy mouth and vibrant smile. At The Parade Dental Practice, long-term commitment and care for our patients are at the heart of what we do. Young children should visit the dentist regularly to ensure they grow up with the healthiest teeth and gums.

During a child’s first dental visit (usually around six months old), our team will focus on creating a safe, comfortable and secure environment. Starting dental visits earlier allows parents to ask questions, address concerns, or get tips on how to clean or brush their child’s teeth.

For children, we recommend scheduling their appointment to visit a dentist and hygienist at least twice a year. This will allow us to monitor their teeth and if any problem areas need treatment to prevent more significant oral health issues.

Common Oral Health Issues for Children

Even though children’s primary teeth fall out, taking care of these baby teeth is still important. Healthy teeth from the beginning will help a child to eat, speak clearly, and guide the permanent teeth into the proper position as they come in. If there are any sensitivities or pain that your child experiences with their teeth or mouth, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately.

Focusing on prevention, especially if your child is highly active or plays sports, can help avoid sudden dental emergencies in the future. Special sports mouth guards are available, and we can design a comfortable-fit appliance to help prevent potential injuries in the future.

Our dentists and hygienists handle cavities and other common teeth issues for children with care, patience, and compassion. If concerns like overcrowded teeth or more extensive issues are present, we can refer you to a trusted paediatric dentist.

Treating Adults, Families, and Children Since 1929

The Parade Dental Practice is proud to be part of the Ewell community and to treat patients of all ages. Fun fact: We once had four generations from the same family in for an appointment on the same day.

Located close to Stoneleigh station, our practice is accessible by transit and bus. On-street parking is also available.

We look forward to welcoming you and your children to our Ewell dental practice. Call us at 020 8393 1337 or book an appointment at, and we’ll take care of your child’s dental care needs.

Toothbrushing Tips

Daily toothbrushing is essential for children to develop good oral health and hygiene practices. Here are some tips to teach kids good habits for fresh, clean, and cavity-free teeth.

Paediatric Dentistry

Children need specialised treatments for their teeth, gums, and mouth in some situations. Our team is happy to refer children to our expert paediatric dentists – professionally trained dentists who are experts at challenging procedures involving oral health care for children. Our support staff is happy to provide more information or answer any questions you have regarding children’s dentistry.