Fees at The Parade Dental Practice

The fees outlined below are updated regularly for transparency and convenience for our patients.

Private dental treatments at The Parade Dental Practice vary in pricing and complexity. We recommend a complete dental exam and assessment of your dental health so our team can provide an accurate quote. Book an appointment or consultation today, and our trusted dentists will work with you to create a custom treatment plan.

Please see below for our current fee guide.

Last Updated on January 29, 2024
TreatmentPractice Plan FeeRegular Fee
Examination InitialN/C£98.00
Examination RoutineN/C£60.00
Emergency Appointment£52.00£65.00
Digital Radiographs x 2N/C£30.00
Hygienist (per visit)N/C£75.00
Extra Hygienist visit on Practice Plan£75.00 


TreatmentPractice Plan FeeRegular Fee
Small£72.00(from) £90.00
Medium£100.00(from) £125.00
Large£116.00(from) £145.00
White Composite
Small£88.00(from) £110.00
Medium£112.00(from) £140.00
Large£160.00(from) £160.00
Cusp Replacement£164.00(from) £205.00
Root Fillings
Single Rooted£284.00£355.00
Multi Rooted£380.00£475.00


TreatmentPractice Plan FeeRegular Fee
Surgical(from) £168.00(from) £210.00
Planned(from) £144.00(from) £180.00

Crowns, Bridges, Inlays, Posts

TreatmentPractice Plan FeeRegular Fee
Crown 1(from) £600.00(from) £749.00
Crown 3(from) £672.00(from) £839.00
Inlay(from) £525.00(from) £655.00
Porcelain Bonded Bridge (3 units)(from) £1680.00(from) £2100.00
Post(from) £72.00(from) £90.00


TreatmentPractice Plan FeeRegular Fee
Full Set(from) £1160.00(from) £1450.00
Upper or Lower(from) £580.00(from) £725.00
Metal Based(from) £1200.00(from) £1500.00
Veneers(from) £600.00(from) £749.00

* We offer a wide range of dental restorations please ask your dentist for details.
** Prices dependent on complexity of case.

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